I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since my last post, the end of the semester was nothing but stress and lack of sleep. I had two write my end-of-semester papers, as did my girlfriend, and that made for a less than happy household which is very uncommon around here. Needless to say, I aced both classes and I’m cruising into the end of the year relaxed. I will be writing a review about the Warrior Dash very, very soon but this week, I have to pack for our two week vacation coming up. That in and of itself is presenting a challenge.

I’m enjoying the end of year wind down and I’m pretty much doing nothing but sitting around. On the suggestion of my sports doctor, I’m taking the rest of the month off from running to help heal my ITB up and I’m trying to mix in some cross-training to keep me from sitting around all the time. That worked out pretty well but sort of petered off once the weekend came — I’m not a fan of having to do all this packing, haha. But hey, who doesn’t like two weeks off from work? For now, I’m relying on kettlebell training until I can get a stable mount for my TRX strap, hanging it over a door is not an option. Did that last week and the door popped open before I ever put weight on the system, that’s totally not safe. I’ve noticed my swing form is improving as my piriformis region isn’t as much in pain as it was the first time I did the swings, looking forward to expanding to other kettlebell exercises as soon as I can.

Next year is looming fast and I can’t wait. I plan on getting the photo biz back on track since I’ve taken the last ~6 months off from shooting for various issues, mostly due to health. Now that my health is more on track than it has been in years, I think it’s time to re-enter my previous scene and get things going again. I certainly won’t be going to as many shows as I used to, mostly because it’s too expensive but also because it’s just too stressful. Going to 2+ concerts a week and having to edit photos from those in addition to work and school? That’s unneeded stress and it’s unnecessary. If I don’t have to be stressed, I will do my best to not put myself in positions to be stressed.

But now, work’s calling, packing is calling, and I’m starving.