Today I finally managed to make it out to training for me next event:

FAU Tough Owl

I’ve always wanted to do a strongman competition, ever since I was about 14 or 15 years old. Now I finally have my chance. Let me say this: this was hard as hell. I thought I had been working out recently with odd shaped objects or in awkward positions but nothing prepared me for today. Absolutely nothing.

FYI: Weights are approximate, I have no idea what anything weighed and neither did the coach/trainer. That’s either a tactical move to keep us guessing or he seriously didn’t know (my guess). Except for the farmer’s walk, everything was in one of three weight categories: light, medium, heavy.

Atlas stones, lift and drop:
1×5 – 125lbs
1×6 – 125lbs

Log clean and press, Slater Log’s Jr Log, approximate weight 80-100lbs (according to Slater’s):
1×5 , log only
1×3 , log+10lbs plate

Farmer’s walk:
2x100ft , ~85lbs each hand
1x80ft , ~135lbs each hand

Tire flip:
“Medium” tire, ~150lbs

“Heavy” tire, ~300lbs+

Sand bag (not an event):
~100lbs, 50ft walk each side

Sledgehammer (also not an event, ~12lb hammer):
2-hand slam, 3 rounds alternating 5/5
10-10-8 2-hand overhead slam
1-hand slam, 3 rounds alternating 5/5

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