Well, today was the day for the Strong Owl. I certainly wasn’t trained enough, but I did it. I took 4th in my weight class (170-200lbs) but it was a good day overall. Overall, this was a “workout” that took less than 6 minutes to complete but took 3 hours lol.

Tire flip: 400lbs x 100ft 49.23 seconds
Farmer’s walk: 170lbs each hand 100ft 37.8 seconds
Deadlift: 275lbs x 10
Atlas stones: ~150lbs x 16
Log clean and press: 165lbs x 2

Overall, Atlas stones was my best event and I busted out 3 more in the competition than I did in practice. Farmer’s walk was a disaster, I did not expect 170lbs to be loaded up, I was expecting 155 at most. Today was the 2nd time in a decade that I did deadlifts so I was sort of pleased with that but my forearms are blasted. I could barely hold the bar and it ripped out of my hands a few times during my lifts. Oh well, there’s always the fall competition to train for!

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