Now that I’ve completed my first week on the Stronglifts protocol, it looks like I’ve got my summer training protocol. I considered switching over to Starting Strength since the two programs are identical except for SS includes the power clean rather than a bent row, but I haven’t done a clean in a very long time, so I’m not going to integrate it yet. But overall, the program is fun and easy and reminds me of what I started out doing in middle school with simple complex compound movements before I got sucked up in the bodybuilding craze that almost every gym rat does at one point or another. These days, I’m old and I don’t really care about having insane muscular striation or increased vascularity just to look like I workout a lot, I’d rather just be strong and fit, that’ll be proof enough.

Now that I’ve got this plan knocked out for now and it’s a 12 week program, I may be switching up to something like a 2-day 5/3/1 protocol once school gets here and will be adding in more runs for conditioning, in training for upcoming fall season races. I definitely want to get to that 12-13 mile distance by December for Tough Mudder and I just may be able to do that as I think I’ve finally found a training partner that’s stoked to do this stuff just like I am. That should be exciting but that training is still a little ways off. Otherwise, it’s all GTL for now.

Frankly, my life seems pretty routine right now, I just realized I basically wrote this same post twice before in previous months, and very little has really changed. How strange.

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