So I heard about this new sunscreen called Ocean Potion on the way home from dinner tonight and I’m just utterly amazed at what people will buy (and consequently, invent a market for). I’m all for using sunscreen when necessary — and for young ones, I know it’s pretty appropriate if they’re out there for long periods of time — but really, how stupid do people have to be to buy a sunscreen that’s FORTIFIED?! And to add insult to injury, it’s fortified why VITAMIN D3.


So let me get this right, I’m going to go out in the sun — which naturally aids in endogenous vitamin D3 production in my own body — and I’m going to put on sunscreen, which basically stops this bodily process from happening. BUT WAIT! That’s OK because they unnecessarily added some vitamin D3 in there for me. I would ask if anyone intelligent could be duped into buying this stuff, but I know the answer: yes, in droves. Parents are so scared by the media about the big, bad, evil sun that they slather themselves and their children in this stuff.

But it’s OK, it has vitamin D3 in it! Less of which will be absorbed via skin than would be naturally made in your body, which is free. I swear, stupid people.

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