The pain in my knees has now subsided to coming and going throughout the day, it’s no longer a steady wave of pain immobilizing me. I have done a bit more research and it seems to be an MCL strain but is probably nothing more than a strain. So I have laid off exercise for the remainder of last week and will continue that this week, dependent on information from my doctor. I am glad, however, that the pain comes and goes because this makes it much more palatable. I have noticed that since I stopped taking my Meloxicam, my knees feel better much more quickly and now I am also able to take other NSAIDs such as ibuprofen or Aleve. Yesterday, I noticed that once I popped a few naproxen sodium caplets and put an icing sleeve on my right knee, it felt great for about 6 or so hours and even after that, once the pain returned it was not as bad as before, it hurt every few steps rather than hurting if you merely looked at it. This leads me to believe that the Meloxicam was slowing the healing process as my knees would hurt exponentially once the drug wore off, almost to the point of making walking impossible. Whatever the role it plays, I will no longer be taking Meloxicam, its side effects (including a narcotic-esque withdrawal period) make me feel very uncomfortable. I am pretty sure that my doctor will not be pleased to know that.

In other news, this weekend was fantastic all pain aside. After a great night at the Fillmore in Miami seeing Girl Talk, we spent Friday doing as little as possible. It was very nice having a day off and getting to enjoy it. Most of Saturday was spent much the same way, except I ended up going to West Palm that night to see my friends Paris is Burning play some serious technical death metal. I also had the pleasure of seeing letlive., a very emotionally charged hardcore band that lays it all on the line every show. I have not seen a band perform that erratically and spastically in quite some time, it was quite a spectacle to take in. It is not something easily translatable into words, you will just have to see them when they come to your town. And if you have a chance, talk to the singer, Joshua, about the scene and music, what he has to say is amazing and needs to be heard by a wider audience. Overall, the night itself was fantastic, I got to see a lot of my friends and hang out. The downside being that on Sunday, my knees were wrecked again but that cleared up pretty easily.

Yesterday, we had a nice and lazy day again. Aside from eating breakfast and taking some clothes to Goodwill, the only thing we did was go to see documentary Cave of Forgotten Dreams, narrated by the impeccable Werner Herzog. My biggest complaints: the pointless use of 3D and the length. Other than 3D being the current fad and using that to pander to a wider audience, the actual use of 3D and stereoscopic filming served absolutely no purpose in the movie. How are you going to make rock art paintings which are completely one dimensional into a three dimensional representation? Hint: you cannot. 3D’s only use in the entire film was for fluff and superfluous use in making scientists appear separate from their backgrounds and giving depth to some of the cave shots. Using 4K or higher resolution would have benefited this movie much, much more than the pointless use of 3D. Besides the fluff use of 3D, I felt it was a bit long in the tooth at slightly over ninety minutes. A documentary this long is typical however, this was very sparse on information and drive around the sixty minute mark, it really felt thin after that until the last scene which has little relevance to the rest of the movie itself. I found the documentary itself truly interesting and very engaging for the most part but those gripes may prevent me from purchasing the DVD. If Herzog pumps up the resolution and drops the ropey and gimmicky 3D implementation, it would be worth it.

I’m not sure what is coming up this week besides visiting my doctor but I hope it is fun, I just miss exercising!

And such a blast! But I do have to say, I’m hurting, bad. My knees and right gastroc are totally shot from yesterday, I couldn’t even squeeze in a short run today. Hell, I was barely able to walk around Whole Foods tonight while picking up some dinner. Why? I spent Friday and Saturday at the Bringing It Back For The Kids Fest 2011 at Rocketown in Pompano Beach. Two days of hardcore and straightedge music, all tied together by amazing people. Many, many, many thanks go out to Alex and Cliff, without them none of this weekend would have been possible. I am indebted to each of them.

It was so awesome to see so many of my friends under one roof, all having a good time. Throughout nearly forty bands and countless mosh pits, there was a single fight that ended nearly as quickly as it began. Which is something quite amazing given the immeasurable amounts of pissed off and testosterone found at every turn. But this weekend helped to really highlight to people who while hardcore music, at its core, is about being pissed off, there’s more respect going around than anything else. Concerts like this are what keep me coming back to the hardcore scene, despite the fact that I barely listen to any hardcore at all these days, I’ve seen very few communities that are this tight and together especially down in South Florida. A lot of the time, it is all about two things and two things only: the music and no bullshit. I could not ask for a better scene to be involved in. I do hope that there is a Bringing It Back For The Kids Fest 2012, that would be unreal.

But I have to say that all the standing up and moving really rocked my body in a bad way. As much as I may not like it, I may have to finally retire my cowboy boots because I believe they are the source of much of my discomfort today. If I could find something that was flat-soled yet offered as much comfort and protection as my boots, I would be so happy. After the Meloxicam wore off around mid-afternoon, walking was a chore even though I was in flat sneakers. I hope to heal up fairly quickly, my fitness is already at sad levels without this injury. While I’ve done this many times — being on my feet for 8 or more hours a day in boots — it has never gotten to this point and that has me worried about my burgeoning running regiment. Perhaps the added weight of my camera bag was a contributing factor but I know I have to drop some weight that I do not carry around in a messenger bag. We will see what happens come Tuesday when I am supposed to run again.

None of that could take away from the awesomeness of today, it was my girlfriend’s birthday, making it the ninth or tenth one we’ve celebrated together. While I did not have anything in specific planned for today, it all worked out and we had a great time. Delicious food at our favorite vegetarian Indian restaurant, hours of game play at Dave & Buster’s, topped off by seeing the movie Bridesmaids (The Hangover for chicks and just as funny) and a delicious home cooked steak. I could not have asked for more so I do hope that I made her day just as much fun as I had. The saddest part is that the weekend is now over and we have to go to work tomorrow.

It should be a busy week as I have a lot of photo editing to do from the fest, along with shots from a photo shoot I did last week, and I have to get moving around again. I slept with the heating pad on my knees last night, I want to do it again tonight although I may just opt for Icy Hot wraps instead since they will stay in place throughout the night. Speaking of bed, it is getting late and I think I will get off to sleep now.