Today was the first time I’ve done one of the Spartan WODs, and really, it was my first structured workout in a while. It SMOKED me.

1 round of 10 push ups, pull ups, dips, sit ups, air squats (original WOD said 3x, I didn’t remember that)

For 30 minutes AMRAP
800m run
20 burpees

In 30 minutes, I ended up only 150m short of 4 rounds. But I still finished the 4th round and burpees after stopping my watch.

Cool down
Walk, stretch, talk to some people, L-sit on parallettes

I dropped out of my first official 5k race, I more than made up for that on Sunday when I pushed myself to run one myself. This was my second attempt at running one by myself and I managed to run three miles while only walking one tenth of a mile spread out through my route. For the race on Saturday I was hoping to pull a 10:00 minute pace and I almost pulled it off with my three mile splits coming in at

  • Mile 1: 9:32
  • Mile 2: 10:44
  • Mile 3: 11:20
  • After I finished up, I then took another 24 minutes to walk the mile back to my house, I was absolutely exhausted. My heart rate hovered around 170BPM for the duration of the route and topped out at 183BPM, which has me a bit worried. But by then, I was damn near done and trying to decide if my body was going to force me to puke on my shoes or not (it did not!). I can only attribute this to being extremely overheated and dehydrated so next time I’m taking a ton of water with me and maybe some nuun or a salt packet. All that aside, I managed to finish my first (unofficial) 5k! and I could not be happier. The weather was perfect as well, it was a dreary humid-but-not-hot day and was drizzling the whole time. I think the light rain kept my body cool although my head was burning up.

    Here I am a few days later and I did not run today because my calves are still screaming from my utterly poor running form, which means starting with my next run, I am 100% barefoot when I can. Hopefully that day will be Thursday as I have been pumping protein in my body like crazy to help speed recovery. On the diet front, since I started my dietary change and running, I have now lost a total of fifteen pounds and only have five more to go until my first goal weight is reached! I am beyond happy about this especially since this new diet is incredibly easy to stick to and ensures that I can eat food just about anywhere. When I lost this much weight a few years ago, I was very strict on only eating at home and only ate out once every month or two and that made things very difficult at times. Now since I have gone Paleo, I can eat at almost any restaurant as long as I pay attention to what I am ordering. I can order steaks and burgers to my heart’s content as long as I forego any added butters or breads. I am in the process of trying to document my food intake so I am posting as much as I can over at my new food porn blog. Some of the pictures are going to suck because cameraphones are awful at low light and I am certainly not dragging my pro shooting rig around to snap shots of a smoothie I made in my kitchen.

    But right now, I have to sleep, I have a massive headache!